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Our Mission

Life Experiences’ mission is to serve and improve the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout the Triangle region.

With commitment and passion, LE advocates, assists with financial resources, and becomes a source of information in ways that are life-changing. LE seeks to create a community where adults with I/DD have access to programs, enrichment activities, vocational training, and job opportunities that enable a productive and fulfilled life.

About Life Experiences

In 1978, parents of persons with developmental disabilities were motivated to establish Life
Experiences when they realized their children did not have any work opportunities upon completion of public schooling. Life Experiences became a one-of-a-kind operation for adults with disabilities in Wake County, offering both employment and socialization in a day-long program for adults with disabilities.

For over 40 years, Life Experiences has made an impact on countless adults with I/DD, caregivers and families, and supporters throughout the Cary and broader Wake County area.
At the time of its founding, LE was one of a few providers of services to the I/DD population; there are now numerous operations in the local area serving this population. The ability to operate within the prescribed guidelines of our charter, along with challenging economics prior to, and throughout, the Covid-19 pandemic compelled the board to re-evaluate how the organization could remain vibrant and best serve the local I/DD population.

In 2021, Life Experiences’ scholarships were established to supplement the funding gap for families who demonstrate evidence of need. Immediately following the transition of the LE business model, Life Experiences began awarding monthly scholarships to several individuals.
The financial burden placed on families to care for adults with I/DD can create significant hurdles. LE scholarships are available to adults of all ages with I/DD; situations and financial needs for these adults can change throughout their lives.

For more information on Life Experiences’ history, please click here.

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